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【官方】彻底禁用塑料无助环保 或增加温室气体排放量

2022-04-25 16:06 浏览:
澳门太阳集团游戏官方网址|主页|欢迎您" - 本文摘要:An outright ban on plastics could cause even more harm to the environment and lead to triple the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.几乎停止使用塑料有可能对环境导致更大的危害,造成温室气体排放量减少至之前的三倍。


An outright ban on plastics could cause even more harm to the environment and lead to triple the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.几乎停止使用塑料有可能对环境导致更大的危害,造成温室气体排放量减少至之前的三倍。Thats the finding of experts from Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, who say that replacing plastic with alternate materials such as metal and glass wont help the environment.这是爱丁堡赫里奥特-瓦特大学的专家得出结论的结论。专家回应,用金属和玻璃等替代材料代替塑料并会有益环境。

The team say this is because the manufacturing of these replacements could double global energy consumption.研究小组回应,这是因为生产这些替代品有可能使全球能源消耗增加一倍。Resources required to process these replacement materials would lead to more energy consumption and more greenhouse gas.加工这些替代材料所需的资源将产生更好的能源消耗和温室气体。

Campaigners have called for reductions or bans, with recent programs such as the BBCs Blue Planet highlighting the impact of plastics on the worlds oceans.环保人士敦促增加或停止使用塑料,英国广播公司《蓝色星球》等近期的电视节目也重点特别强调了塑料对海洋的影响。But the team of forty academics said arguments surrounding a reduction or ban are often shortsighted and not based on facts.研究小组回应,增加或停止使用塑料的观点“往往缺少企图心,也缺少事实依据”。该小组由40名学者构成。

The waste products produced when making metal and glass are all bad for the environment.生产金属和玻璃的过程中产生的废品都对环境危害。The major environmental impact of glass and metal production is caused by atmospheric emissions from melting activities.生产玻璃和金属对环境的主要影响是由熔融过程中产生的大气废气导致的。The combustion of natural gas/fuel oil and the decomposition of raw materials during the melting lead to the emission of CO2.熔融过程中天然气或燃油的自燃和原材料的分解成不会废气二氧化碳。


Professor David Bucknall, who led the research, said that transportation of consumer goods in plastic packaging means fewer vehicles because plastic is lightweight.研究负责人大卫-巴克内尔教授说道,运输塑料包装的消费品用于的车辆更加较少,因为塑料很重。Therefore burning less fuel and greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.因此必须自燃的燃料更加较少,需要很大地增加温室气体废气。The academics draw expertise from engineering, science, economics and social science, said there needs to be a circular economy for plastic usage.研究学者们汲取了来自工程学、科学、经济学和社会科学领域的专家意见,并明确提出,塑料的用于必须尊春“循环经济”。

Almost everything we touch or interact with on a daily basis is made of or contains a plastic of some description, said Professor David Bucknall, chairman in materials chemistry from the universitys Institute of Chemical Sciences.大卫-巴克内尔教授说道:“我们每天认识或用于的完全所有物品都由塑料做成、或者所含某种形式的塑料。”他是赫里奥特-瓦特大学化学科学学会材料化学组的主席。Banning or reducing their use would have a massive impact on the way we live.“增加或停止使用塑料不会对我们的生活方式导致相当大影响。

”So whilst some people may wish for plastics to be reduced or banned altogether, we need to ensure we are replacing them with materials that are better for the planet.“因此尽管一些人有可能期望增加或停止使用塑料,但我们必须保证我们用于的替代材料更为环保。”In many cases there is no credible alternative to using a plastic so we need to move towards a circular economy for plastics, rather than the largely make-use-dispose model we currently adopt.“在很多情况下,没可信的材料来替代塑料的用于,所以塑料的用于必须遵循‘循环经济’,而不是我们现在普遍使用的‘用后即弃’模式。